• Date: March 08, 2019
  • Time: 21:00
  • Venue: Somewhere Else Pub & Grill
  • Location Saskatoon, SK

Upside Down Friday at Somewhere Else Pub

Upside Down Friday? What is that?
Well, we usually play our classic R&B tunes you have learned to love early in the evening, then follow it up with some Rock, and our newest tunes that we are just letting out of the rehearsal hall. But Upside Down Friday is when we play the rockin’ tunes and new stuff early in the evening. This is in response to some feedback we have heard from guests that often are only in the house early and they admit they haven’t heard some of our “late night” material. So, there you go. If you are an early bird, come both nights and hear 2 completely different shows. Or, come late both nights, same thing. Or do like some of our friends, stay all night… and take a taxi home!!

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