Behind the scenes, in our rehearsal studio

  • Darcy having a moment
  • the girls in the studio
  • Andrew
  • Yes, kids.. Ed is playing a Gibson Les Paul!!
  • Gord Mosher doing what he does best
  • Brett playing on those funny black pie plates...
  • Lightning Gord
  • Darcy having another moment!
  • It's true.. Holly is always smiling..
  • and Nancy belts one out
  • I'm Guessing Gord played a wrong note!!
  • Girls just gotta have fun
  • Nancy gets horn-y
  • yup, another of Ed with a Gibson... check outdoors to see if Hell has frozen over...
  • this is because we don't have any pic of just the gang together
  • and another one
  • and one upstairs with our GOLD backdrop...

It isn’t all fancy lights and groupies… we have a lot of fun in our studio as we prepare for you, our most important guests.

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